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About Nutmeg Cakes and Cookies

Cake artist Jenni Darwin has worked throughout Europe, UK and Australia as a chef and caterer, from baking cakes and pastries in the French Alps to creating gourmet lunches for London’s top financiers.

Nutmeg was born from a passion for baking, which is the cornerstone for our business. That passion comes from a childhood of home made birthday cakes, delicious teas and beautiful handmade breads. It comes from learning at a young age how to keep a pastry light, how to make fluffy royal icing and how to put together eggs, butter, flour and sugar to create something delicious.

Here at Nutmeg, we have carried that childhood learning, along with years of experience, into creating cakes beneath the design that taste as good as they look.

We pride ourselves for our reputation not only for beautifully designed cakes, but for the most delicious speciality cakes on the Central Coast.

Our cakes taste so good because we only use good things to make them, from Belgium chocolate to pure cream, vanilla bean and natural ingredients.

Add to that an eye for design, a love of colour, beauty and creative sense and you have Nutmeg in a nutshell.

Real cakes, real taste, baked with love from generations behind us and finished with beautiful designs that perfectly fit your occasion.